This week in Summer Bay, April gets into Medicine at Uni, while Brax and Natalie split as something tears them apart.

April and Sid are backing of a little in their over protectiveness towards Dex. April tells Dex that she got into Medicine at university and he is very happy for April. Back at the Walker household, Indi and Romeo are finally in a great place, despite everyone else crumbling around them.

Elsewhere, aware that Leah has left Summer Bay because of Jamie, John and Gina are concerned when they find Jamie asking Colleen questions about where Leah could be. Jett has lost his phone, but John quickly suspects Jamie, and finds Jett’s phone in Jamie’s car. Jamie stole the phone in order to text VJ and find out where they’ve gone. John is outraged that this fella could do something like this, and gets riled up. Heath breaks them up and tells John that he needs to back off.

Meanwhile, Brax’s mood is made worse when he turns to Natalie, who agrees with John that Adam and Jamie are trouble. Brax doesn’t want to hear it at first, but when Natalie fills him in about Leah and everything Adam did to Bianca, Brax starts to realise that his hero is in fact a bad man, this is even confirmed by Kyle.

Later in the week, Jamie inspires Heath to re-evaluate his relationship with Bianca. Realising that he could be throwing the best thing that’s ever happened to him away, Heath finally calls her and leaves a message explaining that he wants to see her when he gets back from his fishing trip.