Alfie and Kat's eye meet in The Vic, but the moment is broken when Roxy walks into the room. Roxy tells Alfie that the solicitor has called about making arrangements for his divorce, and Jean walks in on their conversation. Alfie tells her what he is planning, and she is upset at the news. Bianca is convinced that Alfie still loves Kat. Kat is gutted when Alfie tells her about his plans for a divorce.

After a blowout argument with Alfie, Kat is downbeat. She ends up arguing with Roxy in The Vic, and when Roxy brings up Kat's affair, Kat loses her temper and slaps her. Michael and Alfie have to separate the two ladies when a scuffle breaks out. Michael takes Kat home and when he is kind to her, she leans in for a kiss.

Patrick tells Denise that he will be moving to Scotland to live with his son Anthony, who will now take care of him. Denise hides her upset, but she and Kim can't believe he wants to leave. Later at the hospital, Dot tells the truth that Patrick wants to stay, and he is delighted when he realises Denise and Kim want to look after him at home.

Masood offers to give Liam schoolwork, but Carol is reluctant as they can't afford it. To convince Carol, Masood asks her to meet him in The Vic later to discuss it. Carol gets dressed up and Bicanca teases her mum about it being a date. It is clear Carol is excited about meeting Masood, however her excitement is soon dashed when she realises Masood wasn't thinking of it as a date. Masood is intrigued about the thought of going on a date with Carol and convinces her to let him cook for her.

Then Ayesha shows up...