This week on Ramsay Street, Susan dismisses her feelings for Karl, while Paul pressures Andrew to fire Tash.

While Karl shuts down his clear feelings for Susan, confused Susan is encouraged to discuss the situation with Karl. She’s hesitant until Tash unwittingly reminds her how important honest communication can be. However when Susan sees Karl on a date, she too pushes her feelings away – unaware Karl is leaving his date because he wants to be with her.

Elsewhere, Kyle’s thrown when Georgia confirms his suspicions that Jade has a new boyfriend. Hurt, he tries to avoid thinking about it but can’t, eventually deciding to call her. While it appears as if Kyle’s seeking a reunion, he actually buys Jade out of the business, cutting the final ties to his ex.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya try to settle into life with a newborn, battling tiredness and doing their best to juggle their respective responsibilities, but Callum’s more interested in securing a decent photograph of him and Nell. After Toadie removes Nell from Sonya’s protest in Charlie’s, Callum finally has another opportunity to get the perfect snap.

Later in the week, Andrew comes under pressure from Paul to fire Tash and end the breastfeeding scandal before it hits the papers, but he resists. Meanwhile, Tash gains some perspective into the situation, and comes to realise that she is indeed at fault. She offers Sonya a genuine apology.