This week on Hollyoaks, Will's dark fascination with Texas continues, what lengths will he be driven to? As Cindy struggles to abide by Tony's intolerable demands, an abandoned Holly seeks solace elsewhere. Rob struggles to contain his emotions when an old friend arrives back in the village, and Darren is delivered life-shattering news.

Diane offers help and support to an unruly Cindy and Texas is left with a difficult decision to make. Dodger is left shocked as he takes on a mountain of responsibility.

Darren tries to come to terms with his news, and temptation is laid in his path. Can he resist? Nancy is left devastated as she finds evidence of Darren's deceitful antics. Cindy and Holly hit rock bottom, but can anybody lift their spirits?

Chaos reigns in the Osborne household as Nancy is forced to confront her worst nightmare. Meanwhile, Ste struggles to contain his emotions when wound up by Doug’s new acquaintance.

As Nancy’s suspicions increase, how much longer can Darren hide the truth for? Brendan returns to the village - can Ste and Brendan finally get their happily ever after? As Jacqui is pushed to the limits, how much more will she take? Elsewhere, will Doug finally admit his true feelings?