This week on The Square, Bianca is told that she could face prison again, while Alfie's lies over Kat annoy Roxy.

It's a big day for Bianca as her probation officer is set to call in to her house, and it's also her first trading day on the market with Kat. There is tension in the air at the Butcher house as Liam can't find his trainers and wants money for a school trip, while Morgan, Tiffany and Whitney all have their own matters to worry about.

Elsewhere, Kim uses her charms to get Joey's help with fixing a curtain rail at the B&B. Patrick feels offended and says that he can fix the rail himself, but everyone insists that he should be taking it easy. In an attempt to prove them wrong, Patrick takes over the job - but things don't go as planned.

Meanwhile, Kat approaches Roxy and apologises for calling Alfie the night before, explaining that she didn't know who else to turn to. When Alfie returns home, he finds that Roxy is outraged over his lies. Alfie realises that he can't carry on like this and promises that he's come to a decision - but what will he do?

Later in the week, Alice tries to make it up to Michael by sneaking into his house and preparing a meal for him, Whitney announces that she got the job at the play centre, Dot urges Patrick to speak to Kim and Denise about taking care of him, and Michael finally agrees to give Alice her job back but warns her never to trespass on his property again.