This week in Carrigstown, Judith’s love triangle has her dangerously distracted, while a Valentine's trick by Ben leaves both Jo and Dermot heartbroken.

Judith tries to carry on as normal, amidst the backdrop of the family morning routine of getting Zak ready for his rugby game. On her way to work she stops off at Vinos and spots Luke there.
Luke lashes out at her, believing that he is losing her. He leaves Judith struggling to maintain her composure. Judith arrives to work to face a frustrated Vivienne, covering for an incompetent receptionist. Vivienne gives Judith a warning about her attitude.

Elsewhere, Paul and Niamh try to temper the excitement of their windfall until they have the money in their possession. But they can’t help daydreaming about how they’ll spend their money, and discuss the potential reactions of their friends. At the garage Wayne catches Paul looking at expensive cars and tries to find out about Paul’s investments. Later Wayne hounds Eddie for information on Paul.

Meanwhile, Pete tries to hide his curiosity about the ‘ghost’ from Ray and Doug. Later Damien catches Pete with the camera used to record the ghostly goings on. Pete is keen to go home and check the footage. But instead he is shamed into staying at work by Damien’s teasing. In McCoy's Pete, Ray, Doug and Damien check the footage on the camera and are shocked by what they see, though Damien is far from convinced. Damien suggests they investigate themselves, and the intrepid ghost hunters head to the Go2Guys office.

Later in the week, matchmaker Ben plays postman, and both Dermot and Jo receive Valentine cards. It looks like there may be trouble in paradise. But how will Jo react?