The atmosphere is tense at the Masoods' this week and both Tamwar and AJ realise that something is seriously wrong between Zainab and Masood. When Zainab announces she wants to clear out the kitchen and start afresh, their concerns worsens and they both realise they need to give them some space.

However as the clearout commences it soon becomes apparent that their issues run much deeper than they both thought. Zainab tells Masood of a role reversal exercise couples do to see the problems from the other person's perspective but it soon ends in some spiteful home truths being told. As the pair move on to sort out the other rooms it soon becomes apparent that the stuff they have sorted out are in half but Zainab clearly wants to avoid the obvious. Although heartbroken, Masood forces himself to state what is staring them in the face and he tells Zainab that it doesn't look as though there is a future for them together, although Zainab is heartbroken she is defiant, not wanting to face the truth.

Not wanting to be in the house, AJ swings by the Minute Mart and makes light of the situation at home to Denise, who is wondering why Zainab hasn’t showed up for work. AJ invites Denise for lunch but although she doesn't jump at his invitation she does sense that all is not well at home. It's not long before AJ finds himself in The Vic buying Kat and Bianca drinks but he can't keep the pretence up and he soon blurts out to Alfie that he thinks it is the end of the road for Masood and Zainab. Alfie encourages him to go home and support his brother but AJ continues to drink. When Roxy finds him in a drunken state she, with the help of Kat and Bianca drag him home but although they all fear the wrath of Zainab, they are surprised by her subdued reaction.

Meanwhile Fatboy is gazing at a massive electricity bill and wonders what to do when Tamwar arrives looking for a distraction. Fatboy does his best to reassure Tamwar about his parents but Tamwar still desperately worries that they are about to split up. After some words of encouragement from Dot, Tamwar heads home with Kamil but as soon as they are through the front door, they can hear their parents talking and they sit on the stairs as Zainab and Masood realise their relationship is over.

Elsewhere, Tyler and Whitney share their news with their friends despite Bianca's disapproval. Determined to enjoy their engagement, they arrange with their friends to meet in The Vic later to celebrate.