Kirsty’s got Tyrone just where she wants him and as the net closes around him even his closest neighbours seem to believe her lies. When Kirsty then scuppers his access visit with Ruby, Tyrone realises his manipulative ex holds all the cards. Desperate not to lose his daughter Tyrone decides he only has one avenue left and plans to abduct Ruby then flee the street. Turning to Kevin and Fiz for help will Tyrone make his getaway?

Meanwhile Maria’s had enough of lodgers Kirk, Beth and Craig. Beth is convinced she can win Maria back round but when her plan for a cosy night out on Canal Street backfires, leaving Maria and Marcus’ relationship on the rocks, will Maria serve time on her house guests? And can Marcus convince Maria that it’s his future life with her that he’s interested in not his past life or has a trip down memory lane raised doubts?

Gail is left shattered after discovering the true extent of Lewis’ hatred for her. His revenge wreaked havoc on the Platts and this week sees family ties put to the test. As Gail faces the real possibility of losing her home will Audrey step into the breach and help her daughter out or has Gail’s betrayal with Lewis cut too deep? David’s got no sympathy for his mum but feeling guilty about her part in Lewis’ scam Kylie tries to hold her nerve, aware that her baby secret could be blown at any time.

As Anna and Owen do their best to keep Faye away from real dad Tim they hope their tough love is paying off. Faye’s putting up less of a fight and it seems she’s starting to accept that Anna doesn’t want Tim to be part of her life. But is Faye really losing interest in the idea or is their strict regime only serving to make her more determined than ever to see her dad?