Still staying at Jack's, Max is in despair as Tanya isn't picking up her phone and Sharon is unwilling to help him. Sharon’s thinks it’s time that Max and his mess moved on but where will Max go? Cora’s baying for his blood back at home and after approaching Dot, he backs off realising she’s got enough on her plate since Cora catapulted her into rent arrears.

Across the Square Zainab is forced to come clean to Masood about not getting the promotion when the new regional manager visits the Minute Mart. Zainab and Masood share a warm moment together and he tells her that he is there for her and she should've told him the truth. Back at home, Masood encourages Ayesha to follow her dreams and go to university. He also advises her to tell Zainab the truth about how she doesn't have any feelings for Rashid. Masood desperately wants to stop lying to Zainab by covering for Ayesha.

Later, Ayesha is left in tears when Zainab dashes her dreams of university and a career - telling her she mustn't pass up the opportunity with Rashid. He can give her a wonderful life and she will never want for anything. Ayesha tells a shocked Masood that Zainab doesn't love him like she does and she knows he feels the same way.

At the Butcher’s, Tyler and Whitney excitedly talk about their plans to save some money and get a place of their own. Kat soon arrives and wants to know how Bianca got both of them fired from the R&R? They need to rustle up some work fast - they're both skint.

Whitney can’t help showing her discomfort when Joey and Lauren kiss and out of earshot of Lauren, Joey makes a veiled threat to Whitney about their secret snog implying he’ll tell Tyler if she doesn’t stop looking down her nose at them. Later Whitney confesses her secret to Bianca and how it meant nothing - she loves Tyler. Bianca advises her to keep quiet and avoid aggravation but when she decides to tell Tyler the truth, all hell breaks loose. Tyler confronts Joey in The Vic and after Alfie pulls the boys apart, Tyler ends his relationship with Whitney leaving her completely heartbroken.

After having a laugh with AJ in the market, Bianca has a brainwave and talks to Kat about them setting a stall together. Kat excitedly agrees but when Bianca talks about trading licenses and pitch fees, Kat reminds her prospective partner there’s the small matter of set up money. The girls go about trying to make some cash and Alfie is surprised to see Kat on her way to pawn her wedding ring. She changes her mind and he convinces her to have some money from him - he tells her, what's good for Kat is good for Tommy. Grateful, Kat promises to pay back every penny.

And in The Vic, AJ pushes Bianca for a date and she tells him that only if he buys something from her makeshift bric-a-brac stall, she will make him dinner. After striking a deal with Bianca earlier, AJ arrives at hers that evening, wine in hand. Will he get lucky or leave empty-handed?