This week Bernice is pulling no punches and tells Chas it's about time she faces up to the fact that Cameron is not coming back. Chas is fully aware this could be the truth and prepares herself to face the future alone. On top of that she is distraught to hear none of the Dingle family will attend Molly’s Christening because of her so she tells Gennie that Molly would be better off with a different godmother. Things get even worse when she learns Steve has given Thomas a job at the stables, knowing this will mean he’s staying around. The final straw comes when a stone comes smashing through the window, aimed at Chas. A shellshocked Chas is in turmoil when Bernice vocally suggests Chas do everyone a favour and disappear.

However there is a glimmer of happiness later in the week when Cameron returns to the village - after first checking on Alex's grave. He may have a proposal for Chas, but will she accept what he has on offer?

Elsewhere Alicia is nervous as it is her first day in her new job but she is glad to have Megan onside with sarcastic Nicola around. Meanwhile, David is worried about telling Alicia about his engagement. Priya is excited explaining her dad will pay for their wedding. At the factory, Priya and David announce their news to her family and David is overwhelmed as Georgia points out he has yet to tell Alicia.

Later David and the Sharma family celebrate the news at the B&B and Alicia and Jacob are shocked. Alicia tries to put on a brave face but Jacob is upset and Alicia goes after him. She later tells David she is happy for him but Jacob remains angry and David worries as it feels like he his losing his family. Is he having regrets?