This week on Ramsay Street, Andrew and Tash are unable to keep their hands of each other, while Sonya's home birth continues.

Andrew and Tash are unable to keep their hands off each other. Admitting their feelings, both agree to continue their romance. But when Summer reminds them how fragile friendships are, Andrew and Tash have second thoughts - and decide to keep their relationship a secret for now.

Meanwhile, Chris struggles to hold back giving Aidan support ahead of his disciplinary hearing. But he’s relieved to learn Aidan’s job is safe, hoping this will return their relationship to normal. However as Aidan continues to offer Chris help but not accept it in return, Chris starts to worry their relationship is fundamentally unequal.

Elsewhere, still overdue, Vanessa’s frustrated when she learns Sonya’s gone into labour before her. Trying to provide her with a distraction, Lucas suggests he photograph the final moments of her pregnancy. Vanessa’s reluctant but she and Lucas share a moment when he genuinely compliments her beauty. However despite moving closer to Lucas, Vanessa’s frustrations remain and she can’t help but wish for her mother’s support.

Later in the week, Sonya’s home birth continues, but Toadie’s anxiety rises the longer it goes on. He works to get Alex onside with going to the birth centre, but the more pressure on Sonya, the more she resists. When her waters break and there are signs the baby is in distress, the race is on to get her to hospital in time.