Lewis has well and truly charmed his way into Gail’s life and despite her previous misgivings about the one-time conman a lovestruck Gail agrees to move to Italy with Lewis. When her family discover their affair they’re horrified, Audrey feeling like she’s been stabbed in the back by her daughter. But is Lewis’ love for Gail real? Find out this week as Lewis wreaks his revenge on all those who ever crossed him, catching Kylie in the crossfire and forcing her into making an impossible decision which could either save her own skin or blow the whole Platt family apart!

Meanwhile having been accused of domestic violence by his abusive ex, Kirsty, Tyrone is desperate to clear his name, not least so he can fight for access to their daughter Ruby. With his friends by his side Tyrone is determined to prove his innocence but are the rest of the street and the police convinced? Kirsty’s showing no signs of backing down and after months of suffering at the hands of callous Kirsty has Tyrone got any fight left in him?

Jenna’s been in turmoil ever since her ill-fated kiss with patient Sophie. This week sees the physiotherapist face an employment tribunal. Still to admit her sexuality to her parents is Jenna ready to face the world and reveal that she does have feelings for Sophie? When Sophie then offers to lie for Jenna in a bid to help save her career will Jenna take the easy way out?

When Tracy Barlow came into Rob Donovan’s orbit he soon saw something in her, probably a part of himself! Intrigued by the feisty femme fatale Rob decides he’s man enough to take Tracy on. But when on their first date she persuades him to offer her a job at the factory it looks like Rob has met his match! Will Tracy get her wicked way or will Carla come between the scheming minx and her new beau?