Max can’t believe that Kirsty’s set him free and signed the divorce papers. She claims she’s doing it because she loves him; she’s listened to Tanya and Lauren's pleas for the family and she doesn't want to hurt him. Max doesn’t believe she is going but Kirsty proves it by ordering a taxi, it’s over. As they say goodbye, it’s clear Kirsty is finding it much harder than Max but she doesn't let him see how upset she is. As Max walks out she longs for him to turn around but he doesn't until he reaches his front door but at that point Kirsty is no longer looking.

Back at home Max and Tanya cuddle up but when Tanya tries to take things further, Max doesn't seem interested which sends her suspicions into overdrive once more. It's not long before Tanya is interrogating him about Kirsty and like a woman possessed she brings up the kiss they shared before Derek’s funeral. Max tries to reassure Tanya but she keeps on at him, desperate for the truth. Soon Max confesses what really happened and admits some truths about his relationship with Kirsty, even telling Tanya about Kirsty's abortion. As Tanya pushes for more answers she realises that Max cares more for Kirsty than he had ever admitted and not wanting to live in the shadow of another woman ever again she angrily tells him to leave. Max tries to reason with her but Tanya is firm and she pushes him out of the family home.

Zainab is gleeful as she tells Denise that she has got an interview for the regional manager’s position but her happiness doesn't last long when Denise remarks that she does too. Ian is thrilled to hear that Denise has an interview and wanting to help, he offers to tutor her. Denise’s happy to take up his offer, but less willing to take his advice to try to make up with Kim. Later, Zainab snipes that she’d rather not be over-rehearsed when she hears about Denise’s plan, but it’s not long before she is asking Masood to do the same. As Zainab asks Masood to give her a practice interview, he ropes in Ayesha to play the role of Denise. Zainab isn't happy with the unrealistic group interview but Masood is pleased for the support. However, he struggles when Zainab forces him to pick who was the best.

Lola arrives to see Phil in the hope she can spend some time with Lexi. However, Phil gives her some news of his own - he's going on a family holiday to Cornwall with Peggy for two weeks and he is taking Lexi. Lola is crestfallen and wants Peggy to meet Lexi locally, but Phil is adamant - his mum doesn’t want to visit Walford. Lola finds Billy and they make an appointment to see Trish to check if Phil can legally do this. Trish is supportive but points out that if they stand in Phil's way, Lexi will be taken into temporary care whilst he's away but Lola is determined to fight Phil and wants to see a solicitor...