This week on Ramsay Street, Paul's forced to face the fear of losing his son, while Callum worries Harley's pressuring Rani.

Hopeful his dad will see his condition is continuing to improve, Andrew’s frustrated when Paul shuts down the idea of him returning to Charlie’s. Feeling he has no choice, Andrew returns to running the bar remotely through Tash until Paul catches them out and is furious Andrew can’t be trusted. Seeing Andrew’s devastation, Tash tries to convince Paul his son is up to the task but when that doesn’t work, Tash is forced to get personal, reminding Paul he lives and manages a disability without it affecting his life.

Elsewhere, Summer reminds Chris that he and Aidan are different and that trying to change someone never works. She thinks Chris needs to respect what Aidan wants or risk losing him. After discovering Aidan isn’t avoiding his issues, Chris realises the best way to be with Aidan and to help him is to let Aidan help himself.

Meanwhile, when Ajay arranges an intimate afternoon activity, Priya cancels her meeting with Susan to focus on her marriage. Enjoying quality time with Ajay, Priya’s busted when Susan spots them at Harold’s. But Susan’s ultimately supportive when she learns they’re working on their issues. With their passion re-kindled, Ajay presents Priya with a unexpected present – replacement earrings for a pair she’s misplaced recently.

Later in the week, Rani returns home and spying Priya wearing what seems to be her old earrings, she assumes they’re not her mother’s and breathes a sigh of relief. However when she discovers they’re new and from Ajay, her fears are confirmed – somehow, Priya’s earrings turned up in a Lassiters hotel room. Needing proof of her mother’s infidelity, Rani sets out on a mission and is shattered when she finds evidence of it on Paul’s phone.