With the wedding finally here Tyrone feels a mixture of relief and panic over what he’s about to do. Needing to be married to Kirsty so he can ensure parental rights over Ruby he heads to the church, despite the fact that he’s in love with Fiz. It’s also Kirsty’s big day, despite her abusive nature she insists she loves Tyrone and wants to be his wife. But as the main event approaches will Kirsty smell a rat? It’s a week not to be missed, the truth will out but will it be before the ink is dried on the marriage papers? Whatever happens, Kirsty won’t take this lying down so expect many more twists and turns as this dramatic story unfolds.

Jenna’s in turmoil as she faces losing her job over her kiss with Sophie. Having convinced her family that Sophie instigated the kiss, and she isn’t gay, Sophie’s public enemy number one. But when Sophie comes to Jenna offering to throw herself on her sword so she can keep her job Jenna’s thrown by her compassion. Will Jenna come clean about her true feelings?

Faye’s been acting strangely and when Anna goes looking for an explanation she’s horrified to discover Faye is meeting up with a much older man who she’s been speaking to on the internet. Fearing for her safety Anna and Owen confront the pair. But when Tim reveals his true identity, and Faye makes it clear she has no plans to stop seeing him, Anna’s shellshocked. She’s desperate to protect her daughter but could she be about to lose her?

Lewis has got Gail dangling but as he attempts to reel her in will she stumble across his plan and remember just what sort of man Lewis really is? Having sold his Italian dream to Gail, this week he suggests they just need to come up with a lump sum of cash for living accommodation, which now no longer comes with the job. As Gail swoons will she agree to part with her cash?