After Jamie’s extreme behaviour after their date Leah’s been avoiding him, however Roo thinks Leah should give Jamie another chance. He shows up at the Diner and apologises, asking Leah to lunch. She arrives at Jamie’s clearly expensive house, which he reveals is his boss’s house. Leah finds herself enjoying the lunch date, and they share an intimate kiss. As she leaves Jamie watches her, an intense look in his eyes.

Bianca’s erratic behaviour is worrying Irene and Natalie. Liam learns about Bianca’s involvement with Adam and the pills he’s giving her. Bianca is infuriated that everyone else is so interested in her business. Liam tries to connect with Bianca through his past drug use, but she rejects his help.

Heath and Brax arrive in Melbourne at Kyle’s address. A young woman answers the door and says she’s never heard of Kyle. After some persuasion from the brothers she admits he stayed there, but has gone now. As they leave Kyle appears in the doorway behind her. Kyle decides to skip town, while the woman who harboured him counsels Kyle to seek out his brothers. Tensions rise between Brax and Heath as the frustrated duo search for their missing brother. Kyle contacts Brax to meet up. They meet under a bridge, Kyle tailed by a group of guys, and Brax and Heath feel they’ve been set up.