It’s only a couple of days after Rita’s funeral and the Doyle siblings are still at war with each other, with Yvonne still determined to move away from Carrigstown. Only problem is, Bela really shouldn’t be left on his own. Never one to be defeated, Yvonne hatches a plan to make sure she gets her own way. However things go a little of course when Rita’s will is read and it is discovered that she left nothing to Bela. Distraught at losing his wife and now his home Bela is in a fragile state. Will Yvonne have the heart to go through with her plan, or will she stay in Carrigstown to look after her heartbroken father?

Meanwhile Jo has a plan of her own, and offers to do all the housework and school runs. Dermot is suspicious and rightly so…but Maeve reckons it’s a great idea as they will be able to spend more time together. Will Jo worm her way back into Dermot’s life permanently?

Eddie gives a delighted Wayne his dividend. A delighted Wayne tells him that he wants to invest more money with him by Eddie pretends that he doesn’t want him to rush the decision and asks him to take his time and think about it.

And despite all their squabbling some of the Doyle clan are finding time for some romance. Darren is chasing after Neasa, but will she give into his charms knowing he is only in town for a short while. Suzanne on the other hand is getting reacquainted with Damien, he may have forgiven her for the violent end to their marriage, but is that enough for them to start again?