It's a dramatic start to the week as Texas is terrified to see Will’s twisted body lying motionless at the bottom of Chez Chez stairs – what has she done? Dirk goes with Will to the hospital, he feels useless as the medics try to revive his son. Despite Will’s critical condition, Dodger can’t forgive him - he may as well be dead.

Meanwhile Jen sets a project for the students, to create a memorial canvass for Maddie, Jono and Neil, but she’s having a hard time convincing everyone. Esther is confronted with her own hatred of Maddie, how can she put that on a canvass? Jen appeals to Tilly to help her get through to the students, but the teen can’t handle her feelings.

Back in the classroom, Tilly shows Jen how she has vented her grief – by writing letters and they share a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, every hurt that Maddie caused is rushing back for Esther as she looks at a Facebook page with messages of hatred towards her. Esther is prime suspect when the memorial is slashed with a knife and Ruby and Sinead vow that she won’t get away with it.

Leanne is getting ready for her date that Dennis helped her get with John Paul. She doesn’t believe her friend when he tells her John Paul is gay and is happy that her date is going so well until she leans in for a kiss and the penny drops. And Patrick attracts the unwanted attention of Maxine – she likes what she sees!