This week it’s Evan’s first day of work experience, what will Niamh make of his choices? Ceannfort Uí Shé approaches Berni to discuss their children’s situation but the women appear to have crossed wires. Will Berni find out what’s behind Evan's odd decisions?

Máire suggests that they host a funeral service for Barry. Tadhg, Frances and Jason agree as they continue to find ways to stay off the Gardaí’s suspect list.

Bríd continues to be pursued by Vince and Johnny. Being showered with gifts leads to her falling into the arms of her admirer - but which one?

Later in the week when the morning of the funeral arrives, Tadhg and Frances prepare to play the mourning friends. With Detective O’Shea still watching them with great caution, will their grand gesture be enough to put her off the scent?

Berni is shocked by the news of Niamh’s pregnancy and is distraught that Evan confided in Cathal instead of her!

Johnny spent the night in Bríd’s and after pulling a ‘sickie’ in work to spend the day with her, she kicks him out! Vince covers for Johnny on the show and after making a romantic public gesture, Bríd asks to meet with him.