At the Brannings, Abi is in a right state. She’s poorly and worried she’ll mess up her imminent exams. Feeling out in the cold, Lauren decides to do something to make her mum proud of her so she offers to help out at the salon. Dubious, Tanya takes up Lauren’s offer and all goes really well until she has to leave Lauren manning reception. A letter from the hospital drops out of the bookings diary and Lauren is horrified to see that her mum didn't attend the appointment - why?

Meanwhile Kat and Bianca get stuck into their cleaning rota at The Vic and Alfie gives Kat her birthday card. Aware that any conversation she has with Alfie is observed by Roxy, Kat puts Alfie’s card to one side and tries to mask her sadness by getting on with mopping the floor. Roxy’s getting on Kat’s nerves by dishing out orders and when Kat sees Amy with one of Tommy’s favourite toys; all hell breaks loose. Alfie steps in as arbiter and when he takes Roxy's side, a furious Kat resigns before she can be fired - Bianca’s contract is promptly terminated by Roxy too.

Later, despite Max’s best efforts to keep Joey away from a meal Dot has planned, he turns up in The Vic and Dot is appalled to realise that Derek's son, Joey, is Lauren’s mystery man. The penny drops with everyone present – to mixed reactions and emotions run high. However, the bombshell which explodes shortly after leaves Dot shocked to the core. Dot has had enough. She grabs her coat and heads for the door.

Fatboy and Poppy have tried their best to make a cake for Dot. She manages to respond to their attempt at kindness saying to Poppy that she can stay. Poppy is thrilled unlike Cora as when she returns home making snide comments, Dot tells her that seeing as she has stolen her job and made a pigsty out of her house, Cora must pack her bags and get out.