Knowing the baby she’s carrying may not be her husband’s, Kylie has confided in friend Eva that she plans to have an abortion, big mistake! Eva’s not best known for keeping her mouth closed and when an excited David finds Kylie’s positive pregnancy test in the bin, a conflicted Eva reveals all to David, believing he can stop Kylie from doing something she’ll later regret. Confused, a desperate David races to the abortion clinic to confront Kylie. As she battles to contain her emotions Kylie faces an impossible dilemma. Will she go through with the abortion or will Kylie risk David uncovering the real reason behind her turmoil - a one night stand with his brother Nick!

As his wedding day draws closer Tyrone is putting the wheels into motion for his escape from Kirsty. Believing the marriage will give him parental rights over their daughter Ruby, Tyrone tells girlfriend Fiz that as soon as the ink is signed on the marriage certificate he’ll be hers. But as they make plans for their future life together will one fateful error lead to Kirsty uncovering the ultimate betrayal?

Since Carla returned to the street Rob has shown her little brotherly love. Feeling she left him high and dry when she planned to sell the factory, Rob attempted to cook the books in order to undervalue the business and buy it himself at a knockdown price. But Carla uncovered his scam and sacked Rob, leaving him seeking revenge against his sister. This week Rob thinks he’s found the perfect plan to hit her where it hurts. As Rob fights dirty Carla’s forced to play him at his own game. But as the pair face off will Carla decide to keep her enemy close?

Having discovered it was Sunita who set him up the night that Stella discovered their affair, Karl is reeling. Their relationship was already on the rocks but now it appears to be shattered as Karl hits the bottle and vents his anger at Sunita. Desperate to plaster over the cracks Sunita begs Karl for forgiveness but as he starts to show his true colours will Sunita decide Karl’s not worth fighting for?

Lewis continues to plot against Gail, isolating her from her family and dripping poison into her ear about about a new life of her own. But as their relationship develops what is Lewis’ end game?