It's a tough week for Declan as he discovers that his wife Katie isn't that pushed on working on their marriage and his sister Megan has emptied his bank account. At his wits end, he pleads with Katie to give things another go, and promises he is going to do everything he can to save their marriage.

However, he is left feeling rejected when Katie and her ex, Andy, put on a close display of friendship in the Woolpack. Is it only friendship or does the lord of the manor have a right to be suspicious? Meanwhile Megan has got what she came back for, her profits of the festival, but now she must deal with her guilt. She thought it would be easy to walk away from her brother with his money, but now that have grown close again, she is finding it tough to leave him. So tough in fact that she blurts out what she and her son Robbie have done - is it too late for the siblings to mend their broken relationship?

Elsewhere David is gutted Jacob is ignoring him and doesn’t see why Alicia and Jacob need to move out but Alicia is adamant. David is frustrated when Priya explains it is making her feel like she is the one in the wrong, explaining she is with him because she cares, not to get one over on Alicia. In the Woolpack, sparks fly when Priya and Alicia antagonise each other and Alicia squares up to her spoiling for a fight. Rishi steps in to stop the row but explains to Priya how he thinks David and Priya should come clean about their relationship. Not long after, David proves his feelings by openly kissing Priya in the pub as Alicia watches. How will Alicia cope with this latest blow?

And Debbie tells Cain that Sarah’s latest results are really good and adds that she won’t have her wanting for anything growing up, so needs to start earning some serious cash. Later, she’s happy that Charity and Jimmy have agreed the ‘service and repair’ contract for their vehicles with the garage but she wants more. Cain’s unimpressed as he watches Debbie flirt with courier rider Dom, but her agenda is apparently work related...