Tom's 13th birthday doesn't go quite according to plan for Nancy.

Nancy is struggling with Darren’s nonchalant attitude to Oscar and feels all alone. At Tom’s 13th birthday party she’s run ragged and accidentally leaves the top off her painkillers. Charlie spies the pills and is about to give them to Oscar when Nancy spots her nephew. When she roars at him, he feels unwanted and runs away, thinking no one cares for him. Alone and scared, he ends up in the woods but when he loses his footing, he ends up unconscious at the bottom of an embankment – will anyone find him?

Back at The Dog, the Osbornes are horrified when they find Charlie’s note and Frankie blames Nancy. Callum has a flash of inspiration when Tom tells him about Charlie losing his football - maybe he’s gone back to find it?

At home, Frankie slaps Nancy when she’s reminded that Charlie’s not her biological grandson. It’s awkward when a social worker turns up to talk to the family while they’re having a blazing row and it doesn’t get any better when Esther and Ruby start fighting. Esther accidentally breaks Ruby’s necklace containing Jono’s ashes and escapes to Mitzeee’s flat.

Meanwhile, Frankie reveals to Jack that she doesn’t trust Nancy with Oscar, but Nancy overhears. Nancy tells Darren what she heard, however Frankie stands by her accusation - until Darren tells her what kind of mother he thinks she is. After speaking with John-Paul, Frankie realises the error of her ways and apologises – for real.