If you thought there was enough drama in Carrigstown at Christmas, you haven't seen anything like what is coming up this New Year's week!

After a couple of near misses, cheating Judith and Luke are finally caught-in-the-act by Vivienne, who is quite happy to have come across the illicit affair. However, it’s not Vivienne who delivers the news to an unsuspecting Tommy - it's Judith herself.

Tommy reels at Judith’s confession and demands to know the facts and how long it has been going on for. And it’s no surprise he is disgusted to learn that she slept with Luke on Christmas Day. Furious, he tells Judith that Luke isn’t interested in her but only wants to get at him.

Meanwhile, the Dillon children congregate in The Station. They know something is up with their parents and mistakenly believe that Tommy has cheated again.

Out on the street Tommy and Luke come to blows. Tommy tells Luke that if he goes near Judith again he will kill him. He then goes back to the house and tells Judith that he doesn’t know if their marriage is worth saving.

Elsewhere in Carrigstown, it’s Paul’s 50th birthday and an excited Niamh tries to get him to wear a birthday badge but he refuses, saying he doesn’t want a fuss. Little does he know that Niamh is organising a surprise party for him in McCoy's later on.

However, it turns out to be a bit of a disaster when hardly anyone turns up for the party - there are just a handful of people there to celebrate with Paul. Paul tries to calm Niamh by telling her that he is happy just to have her... but does he really mean it?