Two proposals, a Christening and a funeral - it's all go in Walford this week.

On the day of Lexi's Christening, Phil is having it out with Lola in Billy’s flat. She resolutely refuses to have Lexi Christened a Mitchell - it's Lexi Pearce on her birth certificate and that’s how she’ll stay. Phil tells her that Lola should become a Mitchell too, arguing then they’d all be a proper family. Lexi's dad is a Mitchell, and her granddad and her great granddad! Phil also persuades Lola by telling her that he has asked Sharon to marry him. Eventually, Lola agrees - but only if Sharon goes along with the plan.

At the gym, Jack’s feeling very low and says to Michael the more you try to hold on to what’s dear and control things, the more they slip away. He talks about how he proposed to Sharon, but when Michael mentions the engagement ring she was holding earlier, Jack tells him he hasn't given her a ring - both coming to the conclusion that Phil has also proposed.

Michael reluctantly drives Jack, who has been drinking, to the church. He seems to be intent on a showdown with Phil. However, on arrival, Jack walks quietly towards the graveyard. Meanwhile, Phil, Lola and Billy arrive flustered at the church and as they wander inside, Lola wonders where Sharon has got to.

Outside, Sharon makes her way across the graveyard to where Jack is and realises that this is where his baby son is buried. But will this knowledge alter the choice that Sharon is now compelled to make? Lexi’s is Christened, but what surname will she now carry? Pearce or Mitchell?

Later in the week, the day arrives for Derek’s funeral and the Brannings are in sombre mood. Joey feels unnerved as he is told by Jack and Max that he will be respectful and go to his father’s funeral - his deep and unresolved feelings about his father are cutting him up.

Slowly Derek’s hearse pulls up outside no 23 and Alice and Joey stand side by side on the doorstep. As Walford falls silent, Poppy hands Carol a letter addressed to her that came to light when Derek’s things were moved.

At the crematorium there are a few missing faces and when Carol isn't available to give the eulogy, Cora steps up to everyone's surprise - giving a very honest account of Derek and what they all thought of him. His grief overwhelming him, Joey runs out of the church and when Alice comforts him, he reveals a secret which leaves her reeling...