This week in Ros na Rún, Anto is drawing Tina into his devious plans, while Tadhg and Lee round up the troops to play a prank on O'Concubhair...

Anto is lurking around and is eager to get a hold of Tina. He has a plan and he is going to force Tina to help him make it happen. Tina is frightened into submission when called to action by Anto. What will he have in store for her? Once she does what he asks, will she be in the clear? Things get even trickier when someone stumbles across key evidence.

Tadhg and Lee engage the help of Micheál and Seamus to play a prank on O’Concubhair. Tadhg has signed a contract and must dispose of the ashes; he is willing to do anything to make it happen. Seamus is anxious after the drama that took place with the farmer. Did he really curse them all? Tadhg is spurred into action, inviting O’Concubhair back to Tidh Thaidhg. Let’s hope this all works out.

Elsewhere, Róise is left in panic when her date blows her off at the last minute, she can’t go to the charity ball alone!

Also, Martina is nervous ahead of her social worker meeting. When she gets good news it spurs her to reconsider what really matters. John Joe may not feel great about the decision that is made; who will Martina choose to give up?