This week on Ros na Rún Róise takes drastic measures as she tries desperately to salvage her relationship with Mack, while Gráinne learns a harsh lesson about mixing friendship with business.

Lee’s move into Tigh Taidhg with Tadhg and Jason is sure to cause a battle for dominance amongst the new housemates. Will each party get what they expected from the move? How will scorned ex-lovers Lee and Jason adjust to living under the same roof?

Meanwhile, while Gráinne sends more business Máire’s way, Mack is on the look out for the person who is taking business from him. How long will Máire get away with her secret taxi fares? What price is Máire willing to pay to become a full time driver?

Elsewhere, Tadhg and Lee are on a mission to dispose of returned immigrant Máirtín O’Flatharta’s ashes but when things don’t go their way, will the scheming pair devise a plan?

Later in the week, Martina discovers what Brian has been hiding from her. She is faced with a true test of motherhood, but what choice will she make and how will it affect Brian?