This week on Ros na Rún, an increasingly paranoid Martina gets a surprise visit, while Lippy Lee crosses yet another line in Loinnir.

Lee’s broken heart is tested when a hen party arrives in Loinnir to indulge in some pampering and taunt her for information about why she wears her engagement ring around her neck. Lee doesn’t indulge them... Will Lee crack under the pressure?

Meanwhile, Martina grows increasingly paranoid as the social welfare officer is on to her. She throws them off the scent for now. She is furious and eager to find out who ratted on her! Another surprise visit stirs up new emotions for Martina. Who is knocking on her door?

Elsewhere, as Micheal continues to struggle to generate cash for the business he starts to investigate the disappearance of the cattle feed by camping out at Siopa Keane and he is shocked to find out who is responsible.

Later in the week, Gráinne and Lee’s relationship is put to the test as Lee’s lippy attitude towards customers causes trouble in Loinnir and forces Gráinne’s hand as manager... How will Lee bounce back this time?