As the war rages on between Declan and Megan, it appears the latter is given the upper-hand by Gennie, who reveals to Megan that Katie set Robbie up when she accused him of coming on to her. Armed with this new information, she visits Declan with Robbie in tow and fully expects an almighty row to blow up between the newlyweds. Katie denies setting him up initially but she knows she’s in hot water when Declan demands the truth. He’s astonished to learn what really happened and Katie realises the depth of his anger; her heart sinking. Has she ruined her marriage?

Meanwhile Gennie feels awkward as she visits Debbie and crumbles as she confesses she knew about Chas and Cameron’s affair. But Gennie is thrown when Debbie says she’d already sussed it. Gennie tries to explain herself but Debbie is distant and comments that Chas might not be up for murder now if she had said something sooner.

Elsewhere Lizzie thinks she and Dan should tell Ali the truth; that they’re not really a couple. Ali’s cool towards her as she tries to talk about Dan and Dan’s worried when Nikhil comments about him and Lizzie not letting their love life interfere with work. In the café, Ali’s relieved when Lizzie tells her she and Dan were never a couple and were just winding the gossips up, but works out that Lizzie does have a soft spot for him.