This week on Ros na Rún Martina causes more upset, while Gráinne gets too big for her boots.

As George and Minnie apply pressure to Frances for details of what happened with Tadhg, Frances begins to struggle to keep secrets from her parents. Tadhg and Jason are worried that Frances will crack under the pressure and insist she keep quiet. George and Minnie have some big news. Can Frances keep quiet under the pressure?

Elsewhere, Martina has the community riled up as she turns down hours in work in favour of keeping her social welfare benefits! While Martina can afford to look through holiday brochures, Micheal is putting himself under pressure to keep the business going and makes an awful discovery. What will Micheal do for cashflow now?

Meanwhile, Gráinne is having the time of her life bossing Lee around on her first day as manager of Loinnir. Things are going well until Catríona barges in and lets Gráinne know that she knows all about her scheming! Will Catríona make big changes in Loinnir?

Later in the week, Tadhg and Frances take drastic measures to rid of George and Minnie. Will their plan work or will it only make things worse?