This week on Ros na Rún Jason discovers the truth, while Martina comes to Brid's rescue.

Lee is raging, she proves to Jason he’s got it wrong. He’s dumbstruck reading the Doctors report .Lee’s life is in ruins, she begs Iarla to stay. Jason insists that Iarla hears him out- he made the mistake. Iarla can’t deal with it and decides to go back to London.

Elsewhere, Bríd returns to work in the shop. She looks fragile and Frances worries it’s too soon. She tries her best until Jason calls demanding Molly’s number, Bríd doesn’t need his problems. She’s surrounded by reminders of Vince and Grace, and Tadhg is throwing his weight around. Bríd looses it. Martina has to take charge of the shop. Will Martina add to Bríd’s woes?

Meanwhile, Martina has taken a part time job from Bríd, she can’t mess this up if she want’s to get her son back. All goes well until the stocktake, Bríd pounces on Martina accusing her of stealing. A feeble Bríd realises her mistake. She begs Martina to forgive her mistake, she needs her help!

Later in the week, Frances lends an ear to Lee and comforts her on the breakup. Lee’s still raging with Jason. Tadhg is worried when he sees Jason confiding in Frances over lunch. He’s has bigger worries when George and Minnie arrive unannounced. Who’ll explain Frances absence?