This week it’s time for Carl’s funeral, although apart from his family and Edna, not many other people could be bothered saying goodbye to a man that had more than his fair share of haters. Even his own son Thomas takes a fair bit of persuading and as for Jimmy, well Nicola and Scarlett have to practically drag him there – as well as write his eulogy.

Meanwhile Cameron visits Chas in prison and returns back to the Dales to declare that he will be now taking her share of profits from the pub while she is behind bars, much to Charity, Cain and Diane’s chagrin. We wonder if Chas would be so generous is she knew who really was the one to land the fatal blow on Carl? When Debbie gets wind of Cameron’s plan to stick around and wait for Chas she takes a hammer from the garage and promptly smashes up his van.

Elsewhere a glammed up Lizzie has a spring in her step as she heads to Dan’s party and is only too delighted when he invites her back to his for a nightcap. At Dale Head, Bob leaves them to it and Dan asks Lizzie about her past, leaning in to kiss her, but Lizzie wants to keep him at arms length to avoid getting hurt.

Also at the party Rachel’s awkward when Jai arrives and Sam asks her about the baby’s father, wondering why she’s sad all the time. Jai glares when he sees her take a swig of beer but feels bad and later offers to take Samson so Sam can help Rachel clear up. How much longer will they be able to keep their secret?