This week on Ros na Rún Lee shows Iarla off to the village, while Aisling tries to minimise her indiscretion.

Katy continues to cry rape and John Joe refuses to believe her. Gráinne is harvesting seaweed when she’s suddenly distracted. She frantically tries to save Katy from drowning. Horrified by the brutal details of Ciarán’s assault Gráinne forces John Joe to listen. Katy is hysterical. Is this a cry for help or another chance to rebel against John Joe?

Elsewhere, Jason is sickened at the sight of Lee, Tadhg is all in favour of humiliating her, he has a plan. Iarla splashes his cash on champagne and drinks for everyone in Tigh Thaidhg. Tadhg seizes the moment and calls for silence, it’s the ideal opportunity for Jason to disgrace Lee. Jason bottles it but manages to tease around Lee’s colourful past. Lee storms out after Jason, what he’s playing at, he drops his bombshell, Lee gave him Chlamydia, Lee denies it. She’s raging, she pleads with Jason not to tell Iarla, it can’t be true.

Meanwhile, a very confident Lee parades her high flying fiancé, Iarla throughout Ros na Rún. Frances cautions Lee about being too brazen, she doesn’t want Iarla learning of her colourful past. Tina smugly introduces herself to Iarla in Tigh Thaidhg, he’s thrilled to meet all of Lee’s friends. Lee’s no fool, she knows that one word from Tina and her new life would be shattered.

Later in the week, Máire is gloating over Katy’s disappearance when Ciarán falls through the door of Gaudi’s his face badly bruised and his head bleeding. Katy’s friends have beaten him up. David is fuming when he hears of the rape allegation. David speculates that Ciarán is being bullied, after Máire’s sanctimonious outburst. He’s going to keep a closer eye on Ciarán.