This week on the Square the Masoods struggle on without Zainab, while Phil involves Sharon in his tactics.

As the Masoods try to adjust to life without Zainab, AJ realises that he needs to pull his weight more in the family, so he approaches Phil for a job at The Arches. Phil then gives him the task of fixing up a clapped-out motorbike to see if he's good enough. Soon afterwards, AJ catches Tamwar checking his scars and is unable to hide his horrified reaction. Tamwar loses his temper with AJ in response, telling him that he should leave Walford as he hasn't managed to secure a job to help the family.

Later, things seem to be looking up slightly for the Masoods when AJ rides around the corner on the fixed-up motorbike - his success means that he now has the job with Phil. However, AJ soon confides in Masood by admitting that seeing Tamwar's scars have made him realise how much the family have been through, and he's unsure whether he's strong enough to stick around.

Elsewhere, Phil finds himself with even more issues to worry about when he learns that some immigration officers are looking for him, wanting to ask questions about the decorators he hired for The Vic. He consults his solicitor Jimmie for advice and hears that he'll need to keep his businesses 100% legit if he wants the residency case for Lexi to be successful. Jimmie also gives Phil food for thought by suggesting that he'd have a much better case if he was in a stable relationship.

Meanwhile, Phil's big idea seems to have been thwarted as Sharon is refusing to lie to social services to help get Lexi back. However, Phil does receive some good news when he hears that the murder charge against Ben has been dropped and he'll now be sentenced for manslaughter instead. Still focused on the residency case, Phil suggests that Ben could marry Lola - pointing out that they'd look like a proper family that way. Jimmie agrees to ask Ben if he will let Phil visit him.

Later in the week, Carol and the kids arrive home, but Carol is in for a shock when she finds out what Derek has been up to while she has been away.