This week on Ros na Rún Vince struggles to come to terms with what happened, while Caitríona needs some answers from Dara.

Johnny is Ros na Rún’s hero having saved Vince and Bríd’s lives from the psychopath Grace. All of Tigh Thaidhg hang on his every word, as he tells of Grace’s lies, deception, and her devious obsession for Vince. A tormented Vince replays his nightmare ordeal. He was so stupid to have been taken in by Grace and all her scheming lies. He tries to explain to a disgusted Róise but she can’t understand how it could go so far.

Meanwhile, Cathal and Frances do their best to bring Dara to his senses and finish his sordid affair, but Dara doesn’t want their advice. Caitriona is delighted when Dara agrees to go with her for a doctor’s appointment with baby Maeve. Convinced they can be a happy family again Caitriona meets Dara in Tigh Tadhg and bears her heart to him she needs to know what went wrong. Dara reluctance tells its own story is yet another Ros na Rún love triangle to be revealed?

Elsewhere, Aisling returns from her exclusive weekend in Dublin to a friendly welcome from Cathal and her niece Lee, who is delighted to have an Auntie with a similar tastes to herself. Lee is treating Bríd and Róise to lunch in Gaudi’s, this is what she does in London, lunch with the ladies. They’re impressed until Lee’s handbag suddenly disappears. Lee is irate, she insists it has been stolen.

Later in the week, Ciarán delivers the goods for Katy, Lee’s handbag and it’s content. There’s plenty cash, Katy wants to buy vodka. School is sidetracked and they hide out in Ciarán’s room at the B&B. Ciarán is tired doing Katy’s dirty work, they tease each other but he wants to get closer to her and they kiss. Johnjoe gets suspicious of Katy’s and Ciarán’s whereabouts when Lee’s lipstick turns up at his house.