This week on the cobbles Audrey is confronted by Lewis's past, while Audrey pays a heavy price for her relationship.

Penny explains to Audrey that Lewis is a con-artist who she thought was her lover, but ripped her off for thousands and then fled. Audrey insists that Lewis has changed and genuinely loves her. However, later at Emily's birthday party in the café, Audrey finally admits that she's been a fool again.

When it sinks in that Penny is in Weatherfield, Lewis decides that he has to run away and he asks Audrey to go with him. Audrey eventually agrees, handing the salon master keys for David to a confused Kylie and Nick. Agreeing she's been acting strangely, the Platts head over to Audrey's house. Will Audrey be able to go through with her plan to leave?

Meanwhile, it's the morning after Tracy and Ryan moved into the flat, and Tracy makes breakfast. Michelle holds her tongue as Tracy keeps calling her Granny, but later explodes in front of Steve. Tracy catches the tail end of this and Steve sees how much she is relishing driving a wedge between him and Michelle.

Later in the week, taking in the suitcases, a horrified Gail demands answers as Audrey confesses that she had been carried away with the idea of a fresh start with Lewis, but realised it was nonsense and that running away wasn't the answer. As a row escalates, Penny arrives. Penny turns tail to call the police, until Audrey begs her to stay. Penny berates Lewis, who takes what she has to say on the chin.