It’s not long before Fiz turns from a victim to a suspect in the eyes of the police as they exhume Joy Fishwick’s body and investigate how someone claimed her inheritance and finally she admits her role and she finds herself in court.

Becky is devastated and holed up at the Croppers which gives Tracy a chance to play happy families with Steve. Steve thinks things can be fixed and she agrees but only if they move away from the street.

Dev and Sunita find themselves telling more tales to Aunty Upma and Aunty Grishma but they pile on the pressure and decide to split the pair up convinced Dev is not the right man for Sunita.

Graeme is struggling with his feelings as Xin prepares to leave the street and Tina is troubled to find out Xin lied about her job. Graeme eventually admits the truth to Tina and there are dramatic consequences as he realises the depth of his feelings for his wife.

Sophie and Sian's day in charge of the soup kitchen is not a massive success and they are keen to make amends to James.

Kevin offers to comfort Sally as she relives their ordeal with John and Tracy offers Steve access to Amy, claiming she’ll sign any agreement they can draw up.