Dee, desperate to get out of Ros na Rún, and move to Australia, tries to sell Mack's land to Tadhg. But unbeknownst to her, Mack has already found a buyer.

Will Dee be happy? Berni and Briain are trying for a baby but Briain is eager that it happens sooner, rather than later. Sorcha is relieved to hear Briain and Berni are hoping to get pregnant, as it will take the focus off Jude’s accident.

Briain is adamant that Jude’s accident has nothing to do with his decision to be a dad. Does Briain really believe this? Laoise is struggling with Emma being in Ros na Rún and loses it when she overhears Rory telling Micheál what happened between them. Will Micheál believe Rory’s version of events?

Sorcha, glancing through a magazine, discovers that Rory and Emma are married. Frances is convinced that the magazine has made a mistake. Will Sorcha tell Michelle?

Katy is devastated to hear about Mack's plans for Australia. Mack with a heavy heart tells her it is for the best. Will Katy try and stop him? Bobbi Lee, having invited Berni out for dinner, plans to tell her that Nathan is her son. Briain however has other plans, and does not want Berni to leave. Will Briain get his way?

Frances, shocked that Malachaí did not tell her about Rory and Emma being married, confronts him. Malachaí, not liking the tone Frances has used when talking to him, snaps at her. Will Frances forgive him?

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