Caitríona has discovered she has whiplash from the accident with Mack yesterday. Vince encourages her to take some time off work but Labhrás only grants her two days. As the day goes on she makes a decision. She will sue Mack for the accident and in turn this may help her financial woes. Has Caitríona gone too far this time, and is this the end of her friendship with Mack?

Nathan is still not happy that Bobbi Lee cancelled their dinner. He pushes Bobbi Lee to open up about his adoption and her reasoning behind it. He realises that Jude had a big part to play in this story and he wants more answers. While visiting Jude, Bobbi Lee makes a discovery that Nathan visited his grandmother on the Aran Islands. She is shocked to the core, but another heart to heart cements this mother and son relationship. Nathan calls Andy and tells him that he is finished with him for good.

Adam plants a suspicious seed in Sorcha's head regarding the stolen money. Sorcha is in total denial. When she sets a trap up for her mother, her question is answered. Will Sadie fall for this trap, and will the truth prevail once and for all?

Dee is aghast when she finds out that Caitríona is sueing Mack. In her mind, this will certainly put an end to their new life in Australia.

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