Briain is over the moon about becoming a father and Berni by his side. He reassures her that he will be fully committed to both herself and the child. Will this be happy ever after for these two? Time will tell.

The green-eyed monster raises it's ugly head when Niall has suspicions that Nathan fancies Bobbi Lee. Spurred on by Mack he decides to confront him. After a lot of pushing from Niall, he learns from Nathan that Bobbi Lee is actually his mother. Niall is astonished at this news and presses Nathan to reveal this to Bobbi Lee. 

Dee's dream of escaping to Australia is shattered when Mack refuses to go. He suggests a holiday in the sun, but Dee is thinking more long-term. An argument ensues and this leaves Mack sleeping on the couch for the night. Will Dee's determination win Mack over? Or will she be leaving Ros na Rún without her husband?

Mack is still in the doghouse with Dee, and she is not making life easy for him. While they argue on the street, things take a nasty turn when Mack nearly knocks Katy down. After the initial shock, Dee turns this into a positive. Pouring her heart out to Mack about her misgivings about Katy, he agrees to go to Australia. 

Berni is still in a happy mood about her pregnancy. After a brief chat with Máire, she asks about Evan's reaction of becoming a brother. This hits a cord with Berni. She leaves a message for Evan to call her. 

Niall is feeling guilty about what Nathan told him yesterday. He is uncomfortable about having this information when Bobbi Lee is still left in the dark. After much persuasion, Nathan decides to tell Bobbi Lee that he's her son. 

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