Réailtín is left heartbroken when she realises that Nathan doesn't feel the same way towards her as she does about him. 

Laoise, however, comes to the rescue, and after a heart to heart chat with her, and an explanation about The Slow Set of the Eighties, Réaltín is appeased for now. A happy Laoise is soon taken aback when she sees a face from the past - Laoise is worried!

Nathan is delighted to spend time with his grandmother Jude. They sit, chat, and eat chocolates together. Nathan is finally relieved to be a part of a family. When Jude forgets who he is, this leaves him crestfallen.

After escaping death, Nathan is in a quandary. He feels a strong urge to tell Bobbi Lee the truth.

Caitríona, in total desperation, takes the fraudulent route to gain some money.

Laoise tries to pull out of the business deal with Rory after finding out that he is married to her old 'friend' Emma. When she thinks she's succeeded, Emma approaches her and Laoise is once more pushed into a corner.

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