Caitríona has agreed to advertise products for 'Saol Glas', a company that sells environmentally friendly products.

Although unhappy at not receiving payment up front, she looks forward to advertising their make-up products on her Vlog. However, her delight soon turns to annoyance when she opens the box of products they send her. 

David has a date, Tadhg insults Bobbi Lee and the burning question is will Andy get out of jail? Andy, desperate to see Jude in hospital, begs the prison guards to let him out. When his demands are not met he takes matters into his own hands. 

Keen to have a relationship with David, Annette is delighted when he agrees to meet her for a coffee later on. Her hopes are soon scuppered when David sees what she is wearing. 

Bobbi Lee is not happy Tadhg has asked Annette to attend the First Aid course Niall has organized. Niall feeling sorry for her, and tells her he will have a word with Tadhg. Bobbi Lee is delighted and hoping to impress on the day, asks Niall for a crash course in First Aid. 

Jude gets an unexpected visitor in hospital. Although happy at first to see who it is, her joy soon turns to disappointment. 

Nathan is worried for both Jude and Andy. He knows how worried Andy is about Jude’s health and thinks it unfair that his own family are not informing him of her illness. Nathan decides to take matters into his own hands.

Caitríona’s delight at finding her missing coat soon turns to shock when Annette claims it is hers. Annette refuses to hand it back. A public showdown ensues where Annette is forced to reveal where she got it. 

Niall’s ‘First Aid’ course does not go to plan, when Tony, still grieving the loss of his goldfish, causes a scene. Will David convince Tony it was an accident?

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