Mo abides by tradition, and stays with Mack and Dee the night before her wedding. Dee has a night of pampering planned for Mo but an unexpected visitor soon has Mo reeling. Who is this visitor?

Micheál, now accustomed to the idea of having a child with Laoise, is all excited. Laoise however is having reservations. Will Laoise's decision make or break them as a couple?

Peatsaí is determined that Mo’s wedding day will go to plan. But when he comes to loggerheads with Máire about the Child of Prague he is not so sure.

Mo and Colm’s wedding day has finally arrived. But will they get married?

Colm desperately wants to marry Mo but an obstacle stands in his way. Has Fiach spoken to Colm?

Frances is not impressed when Malachaí presents her with an expensive piece of jewellery. Malachaí assures her it is only costume jewellery but Dee doesn’t believe it. Is Malachaí lying to Frances?

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