Malachaí suprises Frances with a gift but he does not get the reaction he was expecting. What has got Frances so hot and bothered? Pádraig has one last chance to impress Berni with his 'Pop up' night. Hoping to attract a crowd he pledges to donate the proceeds to a mental health charity. David is touched when his apologies are met with kindness. He does, however, get advice from an unlikely candidate on how to deal with his grief.

Tadhg feels threatened by how close Malachaí and Áine are becoming and he is concerned that she is drifting away from him. Will Tadhg tell Áine how he feels?

Máire gets more than she bargained for when shopping in Keanes. Micheál does his best to support Laoise but is finding it very difficult. Bobbi Lee and Mo have very different ideas of what to do for the ‘Hen’ night. But will Bobbi Lee agree to what Mo wants?

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