Gráinne realises Ros na Rún cannot offer her what she needs anymore. Can David persuade her otherwise?

Tony investigates who broke into Gaudi's but Tadhg thinks he is wasting his time. He knows who the culprit is and wants him arrested.

Bobbi Lee fears she may have provoked Pádraig into breaking into Gaudi’s and worries she may lose her job if Tadhg gets wind of it. To her horror, Tadhg does hear about it. What will he do?

Micheál apologises for being so negative about Laoise’s Bee venture. They both decide to be more supportive and open with each other from here on in. Will there finally be peace and harmony between them?

Gráinne, try as she might, is finding it difficult to adjust to life back in Ros na Rún. She misses 'Arjun’, the little orphaned boy she left behind. What will Gráinne do?

Michelle, peeved with Rory for standing her up at the house party, gives him the cold shoulder. Has Rory blown his chances with Michelle?

Ros na Rún TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; Omnibus edition, Sundays, 7.30pm