Tadhg, not liking Bobbi Lee's support for Pádraig, finds a way to cause a rift between the two. Will this be the end of Bobbi Lee and Pádraig’s friendship?

Fiach, thanks to Caitríona, manages to secure a room in Katy’s old house. One of the occupants however is far from happy with him moving in. David goes to great lengths to welcome Gráinne back from India but Gráinne seems less than pleased to be back.

Dee is trying to get her head around Katy’s admission of guilt and worries that others may still be doubtful. Does Dee have cause for concern?

Tadhg is convinced Pádraig was behind Gaudi’s receiving a large order of fish, and does all he can to belittle him, while singing Bobbi Lee’s praises. It’s Bobbi Lee’s first official day as manager of Gaudi’s and she is keen to make an impression. Gráinne realises she is blessed to have all she wants in Ros na Rún but her heart is in India. Laoise is all excited about starting her new Bee venture but Micheál and Máire see nothing but risks. Micheál worries Laoise is taking too much on and his suspicions are confirmed when Laoise has a sudden dizzy spell.

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