Caitríona is under pressure to pay her credit card. Desperate, she stoops to a new low, by using somebody else’s money to keep the bank off her back. But whose money has Caitríona used? Bobbi Lee, wanting to distract herself from thinking about her son, pays Pádraig a visit with two bottles of wine. 

Dee is far from happy to hear Katy has a hospital review, and all going well, may be released early from hospital. Dee is determined that this doesn't happen. 

Tadhg meets with a downbeat Katy. He has a plan to get her out of the hospital; all Katy needs to do is follow his instructions. Bobbi Lee and Nathan, despite initially clashing, soon see eye to eye. 

Berni has an event to go to but cannot find anything to wear. Caitríona suggests she try on some of her dresses. Berni is touched by Caitríona’s generosity. Michelle is keen to get with Rory and hopes she will at the house party tonight. 

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