Pádraig is under no illusion as to how people feel about him. Pádraig tries to put things right with Katy. Will she forgive him? Charlie lies to Colm about Mo not wanting her at the wedding.

Caitríona and Vince have very different views on what is right for Maeve. Caitríona is eager for Maeve to do a television ad and completely dismisses Vince’s concerns. Will Caitríona regret her decision?

Bobbi Lee is furious with Berni for concealing her letter. Berni, wanting to protect Bobbi Lee’s son, outlines how dangerous it would be for him, if Andy discovered he existed. It is better for them both not to make contact. Will Bobbi Lee listen to her?

Pádraig, encouraged by Dee, intends on bringing Tadhg to court for unfair dismissal. Should Tadhg be worried or has he something else up his sleeve for Pádraig?

Michelle is hopeful her date with Rory will lead to romance. But once again Sorcha puts the kibosh any such notions.

Caitríona is embarrassed when her card is declined in the café. But embarrassment turns to shock, when she discovers how much in the red her account is. What will Caitríona do?

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