Maria apologises to Ali for flying off the handle, explaining that she was simply worried about Liam, but she is shocked when he tells her that it isn't working. A distraught Maria calls by Ali's to find him spaced out. She assumes he has been drinking and unsuccessfully begs for another chance, which abruptly ends with Ali telling her that he doesn't love her.

Gary calms down a tipsy Maria as she rows with Michelle over her parenting skills, suggesting both her sons are a disaster. Ryan insists Ali should seek professional help for his addiction.

Elsewhere, Ryan becomes suspicious as he finds Ali asleep at a table in the cafe. When Liam complains of a sore tummy, Maria is delighted when Ali offers to babysit and she heads off to work on cloud nine when he says that he has fallen in love with her.

Meanwhile, Abi finds out about Kevin's £50,000 windfall and plans to meet him for lunch. As Kevin waits in the Bistro for Abi, a sassy woman in her forties approaches and reveals that she's Martine. She apologises for standing him up and explains that Abi tracked her down, but is Kevin interested in Martine?

Later in the week, Sinead feels she has ruined Ken's party, but he assures that his only concern is for her and Daniel. Daniel and Sinead leave their nearest and dearest to process the news.

Also, David bonds with his fellow inmate over distracting the prison officer for his benefit.