Pádraig struggles to run Gaudi's with Katy in hospital. Unhappy with the standard of food the agency chef’s are serving he decides to do something about it, despite what Tadhg and Katy think. Will there be repercussions to his actions?

Bobbi Lee tries to put the son she gave up for adoption to the back of her mind. But when Niall receives a phone call about the adoption she realises this might be easier said than done.

Tadhg is not impressed when Pádraig overrides Katy’s decision to hire a full-time chef and then he sees Pádraig forge Katy’s signature. Tadhg is suspicious of Pádraig, but what does he intend on doing about it?

Berni, angry that the gardaí have not found the person responsible for Jude’s hit and run, decides to take matters into her own hands. She intends to hire a private investigator. 

Tony goes the extra mile to teach Máire a 'safety in the home’ lesson. Has he overstepped the mark or will Máire appreciate his efforts?

Tadhg has a plan to oust Pádraig from Gaudi’s . All he needs is for him to sign on the dotted line. Will Tadhg manage to manipulate Pádraig into believing that he only has Gaudi’s interest at heart, and if ousting Katy is what it takes, then needs must be. Will Pádraig comply?

Colm’s best man ‘Charlie’ arrives in Ros na Rún. Charlie however is taken aback by the huge change in Colm, and does not like the affect Mo has on him.

Pádraig is finding Tadhg’s business proposal very appealing considering all the hard work and time he has invested in Gaudi’s. Will Tadhg manage to persuade Pádraig to go into partnership with him and oust Katy?

Caitríona continues to spend without conscience. She does however conceal her spending from Vince, knowing he would disapprove. 

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